Donate to Climate Work in The Sierra!

GOAL: $15,000,000.00

Since 1993, the Sierra Nevada Alliance has been protecting and restoring Sierra lands, water, wildlife, and communities. Our mission is to protect and restore the natural resources of the Sierra Nevada for future generations while promoting sustainable communities. We provide resources and networking opportunities to regional conservation groups, implement the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Program, and advocate on behalf of “The Range of Light.”

The Sierra Nevada Alliance Regional Climate Change Program engages and supports efforts to adopt exemplary, sustainable regional plans across the Sierra. Exemplary sustainable regional plans work to protect and restore Sierra waters, lands, wildlife and rural communities and incorporate climate change adaptation principles, while meeting or exceeding the most aggressive statewide or national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction legislation. 

Your donation will help us continue to coordinate and lead 100% Renewable Energy Action Plans for mountain communities across the Sierra by 2030! For more information about our programs, don't hesitate to contact us directly at Email:info{at} or by Telephone: 530-542-4546. Thank you for supporting this effort!



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