Truckee Renewable Energy Resolution


Mountain communities are on the front lines of climate change; warming temperatures, shifts in precipitation, wildfire risk, tree mortality, and local economies vulnerable to weather are just a few of the impacts. We all recognize and understand that the future of our community and economy depend on a healthy environment to survive.

The undersigned residents of the Town of Truckee request the Town Council to authorize the Town to join the growing number of cities around the country acting on climate change. That means moving away from the reliance on burning fossil fuels, which contributes to climate change, and repowering Truckee with 100% clean, renewable energy. More renewable energy means more good clean energy jobs for local workers, cleaner air and water, and a healthier community. It will help ensure a livable world for ourselves and our children.

So far, nearly 47 cities across the U.S. have made the 100% clean energy commitment, including: South Lake Tahoe, CA;  Park City, UT;  Moab, UT; and Aspen, CO. Now it’s Truckee's turn to step up and take bold action toward the clean energy future that we need.

Please sign the petition to ask for the commitment of the Truckee Town Council to encouraging and building a community powered by 100% Renewable Electricity* by 2030 and 100% Renewable Energy** by 2050.

* Renewable electricity is defined as electricity sustainably derived from carbon and pollution-free sources, including wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal. Low-impact, small hydro and some forms of biomass may be included after being evaluated for sustainability and environmental justice implications. Nuclear, natural gas, coal, oil based, or any other forms of carbon-based energy production are not included as clean or renewable sources of energy.

** Renewable energy is defined as energy sustainably derived from carbon and pollution-free sources in all energy sectors, including electricity, heating and cooling, and transportation.

Please sign the petition to ask the Truckee City Council to commit to 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030 and 100% Renewable Energy by 2050.

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  • Please support the 100% renewable campaign so we can unite the communities across the Sierra in this important endeavor to green our energy supply and take care of our communities with local power generation we can support and control.
  • Renewable energy is important to me.
  • Whitby A Bierwolf
  • Go Truckee !
  • Kelly Exline
  • rebecca bryson
  • Here in Montreal we are 100% renewable . … since 3 years!
  • I love this little town and hope the Council will support residents in this effort for renewable energy
  • Savannah Blide